How to List Java Keystore

We had learn Java keystore with different Option from following Post Java Keytool Commands and also we had seen how to create simple keystore file from this Post Generating Java KeyStore using Keytool utility.

In this Post we will see how to list the Java Keystore file or view Java keystore file.

-list Option is used to list the keystore file.

Generating Java KeyStore using Keytool utility

As we all know about Java keystore utility as keytool can used to generate keystore and maintain certificates based on its entity.  Please see for my post Java Keytool Commands for more details.

In this post we will see how to generate a keystore by providing different options.

Java cacerts

Cacerts are default Trust store provided by every JVM vendor. We will see this cacerts file under JRE/lib/security folder. 

Cacerts are also known as Java Standard Trust Store which hold all public certificates.

Now we can list this Trust keystore we can see different digital certificates, to open this store we need to give default store password as "changeit".

Java Keytool Commands

Lets take a look on Java Keytool and its Commands in detail.

What is this Keytool and where do we find.

Keytool is java utility which is used to managed the keys and certificates.  This java utility allow user to administer their own public and private key with associated certificates. 

Addressing this into simpler way, Keytool is a java tool or utility which binds Private , Intermediate and public certificate together for securing your message and transport level system.