Memory Mapping with jmap

jmap [ option ] pid
jmap [ option ] executable core
jmap [ option ] [server-id@]remote-hostname-or-IP

How to analyze the core dump of IBM JVM

How to Aanalyze core dump of IBM JVM 

In order to analyze a coredump you will need to run the Dump Analyzer plugin from IBM Support Assistant (ISA). The dump report will tell you the details of the JVM that dumped core, the heap contents and the javacore. This will help you determine the culprit component faster.


JVM command-line options in IBM AIX JVM

  •   -Xaggressive  (AIX 32-bit, Linux PPC32 and Windows 64-bit only) Enable performance optimization's that are expected to be the default in future releases.

Debugs of Sun JDK

JVM Debug Options for Sun JDK.

Debugging Option 

  • -XX:-CITime  Prints time spent in JIT Compiler. (Introduced in 1.4.0.)

Identifiers in Python


Lets take looks on Identifiers and Operators mostly used in Python script.

Variable names and Identifiers in Python are similar to those in many other languages they will start with letter (A-Z or a-z) or an underscore(_).  Their length is limited only by your eagerness to type, and they are case-sensitive like kalgyan and Kalgyan are two different identifiers.  Regardless of length, choose identifiers that are meaningful.

Variable and Expressions in Python

Variable and Expressions in Python

Python’s syntax for variables and expressions is close to what you would see in C or Java, so you can skim this section if it starts looking familiar. However, you should take note of Python’s loose typing (see below).

Python Interpreter

We can start the Python interpreter from the command line.

Change to the directory where the interpreter lives, or add
the directory to your path. Then type