Find Java class or text file in jar files using JarScan

Probably we all face ClassNotFoundException and we want to know where is that following class is missing with in our jars.  You will search hundreds of jar files to find that specific class.  jarscan is helpful tool or utility to look over your required class with in any archive.  jarscan searches recursively all archives in the current directory and all subdirectories for certian entry. 

To download this tool please click here Download jarscan.jar 

To display the help message type:
  java -jar jarscan.jar -help OR java -jar jarscan.jar

  D:\Softwares\Utilites>java -jar jarscan.jar -help

written by Geoff Yaworski
Version 2.0

Usage: java -jar jarscan.jar [-help | /?]
                    [-dir directory name]
                    <-files | -class | -package>
                    <search string 1> [search string 2]
                    [search string n]

  -help or /?           Displays this message.

  -dir                  The directory to start searching
                        from default is "."

  -zip                  Also search Zip files

  -showProgress         Show a running count of files read in

  -files or -class      Search for a file or Java class
                        contained in some library.
                        i.e. HttpServlet

  -package              Search for a Java package
                        contained in some library.
                        i.e. javax.servlet.http

  search string         The file or package to
                        search for.
                        i.e. see examples above
  To find the class ArrayList starting from the root of your c: drive type:
  java -jar jarscan.jar -dir c:\ -class ArrayList  

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