Java Decompiler (Jad) JD-GUI

Jad (Java Decompiler) is a currently unmaintained decompiler for the Java programming language. Jad provides a command-line user interface to extract source code from class files. One of the popular Java Decompiler is JD GUI.

Find Java class or text file in jar files using JarScan

Probably we all face ClassNotFoundException and we want to know where is that following class is missing with in our jars.  You will search hundreds of jar files to find that specific class.  jarscan is helpful tool or utility to look over your required class with in any archive.  jarscan searches recursively all archives in the current directory and all subdirectories for certian entry. 

lsof Command

lsof is a command meaning "list open files", which is used in many Unix-like systems to report a list of all open files and the processes that opened them.

As we all know Linux/Unix considers everything as a files (pipes, sockets, directories, devices etc). One of the reason to use lsof command is when a disk cannot be unmounted as it says the files are being used. With the help of this command we can easily identify the files which are in use.

ulimit Command

The ulimit command is a built-in shell command, which displays the current file size limit.  The default value for the Maximum file size, set inside the kernel is 1500 blocks.