How to run simple java code using eclipse IDE

Steps to follow

·         First Download eclipse
·         Write a very simple Hello world java code.

Let start Journey:

  • Once you click this link you will find following page

  • Click on windows 32-bit at right side column this is for 32 bit windows OS or select any other based on OS type.

  • Now click that Green button to download your Eclipse IDE.
  • You will see a download by name “” 
  • Unzip this .zip file now you will see one folder called “eclipse” open this folder you will set of the other files

  • Click on eclipse.exe file now

  • You can select your own workspace at your required location once you are set you can click ok

  • You will see initial start eclipse screen like this

  • Click on X symbol to close the welcome screen and you will see something like this

  • Now right click on Package Explorer  select New >> Java Project or select File >> New >> Java Project

  • Now put your Project Name and click next and finish you will see the project context at left side Now we had given Project name as First_Java

  • Now right click on Src folder under Package Explorer and select Package

  • In our case I had given package name as test and click finish to creating package.

  • Now right click on package test and select Class

  • Give class name in our case I had given as HelloWorld now if we see below column I selected “public static void main(Strings [] agrs) option and click finish.

  • Under main method you can type System.out.println(“Hello World !!! “);
  • Now Run your first Hello world programme.

  •  You will see the output under console like this.

  • So this is how we need to use eclipse to run your stand alone code.
  • In our next post we will more details about eclipse.

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